U.S. Agent Service for FCC Certification

Effective immediately, the Federal Communication Commission is mandating that ALL applicants for Certification for radio devices appoint an authorized representative in the United States.

Violette Engineering Corporation offers this service for foreign applicants as part of its association with American Certification Body.

Designation of US-based Agent

Certification designating a U.S. agent for service of process. As required by section 2.911(d)(7), the applicant must designate a contact located in the United States for purposes of acting as the applicant’s agent for service of process, regardless of whether the applicant is a domestic or foreign entity. An applicant located in the United States may designate itself as the agent for service of process. Violette Engineering Corporation provides US-BASED AGENT services.

In either scenario, the designation of the U.S. agent for service of process should be provided as an attachment to the equipment authorization application (the attachment should be uploaded as a PDF document to the exhibit type “Attestation Statements” with the description text identifying it as the section 2.911(d)(7) filing).

The applicant must provide a written certification, which must: 

  1. Be signed by both the applicant and designated agent for service of process, if the agent is different from the applicant. 
  2. Acknowledge the applicant’s consent and the designated agent’s obligation to accept service of process. 
  3. Provide a physical U.S. address and email for the designated agent. 
  4. Acknowledge the applicant’s acceptance to maintain an agent for no less than one year after the grantee has terminated all marketing and importation or the conclusion of any Commission-related proceeding involving the equipment.

Contact info@violetteengineering.com for more information about processes, fees and documentation required by the FCC.