List of Services

  1. Compliance Reviews: An Integrated Approach
    • EMC
    • Wireless
    • Electrical Safety
  2. Mechanical design
    • CAD drawing and analysis of
      mechanical structures, including enclosure design, fixture preparation and
      machining. 3D Finite Element Analysis of structure resonance and responses.
    • Three-D printing of prototypes and mockups
  3. Shielding design for facilities
    • Radio Frequency note abatement
    • Lightning Protection
    • EMF Measurements
    • RF Shielding and Systems Design
  4. Field Studies, on-site evaluations
    • As the wireless market continues to expand, more frequencies are coming into common use. We provide measurement and characterization of the Electromagnetic
  5. Fixture design
  6. Engineering simulations
  7. Printed Circuit Board Design
  8. Failure & MTBF analysis