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Violette Engineering Corporation provides SDoC Services for importers and manufacturers. We will serve as the contact point for any inquiries from the FCC. We will also serve as trans-shipment point for audit samples that may be requested by the FCC.


Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) is a procedure that requires the party responsible for compliance to ensure that the equipment complies with the appropriate technical standards. The responsible party, who must be located in the United States, is not required to file an equipment authorization application with the Commission or a TCB. Equipment authorized under the SDoC procedure is not listed in a Commission database. However, the responsible party or any other party marketing the equipment must provide a test report and other information demonstrating compliance with the rules upon request by the Commission. The responsible party has the option to use the certification procedure in place of the SDoC procedure.

sDoC and/or Certification

The procedure that is applicable for equipment authorization, depends on the applicable FCC rule part(s) that apply to the radio frequency functions. Except when otherwise stated in a rule, an intentional radiator (transmitter) is required to be approved using the certification procedure. Unintentional radiators (digital circuitry) are approved using the SDoC procedure. Today for example, devices such as mobile phones; wireless local area networking equipment, notebook computers, and tablet computers are a combination of radio transmitters requiring approval using the certification procedure and unintentional digital circuity requiring use of the SDoC procedure.

Equipment that consists of only a radio transmitter (not a transceiver) – such as remote control transmitters; land mobile radio transmitters and wireless medical telemetry transmitters – are required to be approved using the certification procedure.

Equipment that only contains digital circuitry (does not contain a radio transmitter) – such as computer peripherals, microwave ovens consumer ISM equipment, switching power supplies, LED light bulbs, radio receivers and TV interface devices – are subject to approval using the SDoC procedure or may optionally use the certification procedure.

VEC provides services for non-US based importers and manufacturers. We will serve as the contact point for any inquiries from the FCC. We will also serve as a trans-shipment point for audit samples that may be requested by the FCC.

FCC sDOC Guidance (June 2017)

NOTE: Requirements for Canada are similar


Our standard fees cover a period of two years and are structured depending the technology and number of models.Our US Authorization Letter is a blanket letter that can be used for compliance with the sDoC requirements. The term of validity will be up to 2 years. The letter can be used for a single manufacturer, but we must retain the list of models that are being covered.

For pricing, please contact

You need to submit the Supplier’s DoC (see sample), a list of equipment and the test reports. If you are an agent for the manufacturer, we also need your client’s letter authorizing you to act on their behalf.

We can send you a link to upload the documentation if there are too many files/too large to email to us.

The US Authorization Letter will be issued once payment is received. VEC will not share any information on product or manufacturer for any other purpose.

Authorization Letter Sample

Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity Example


896810 D01 SDoC v01r01 


896810 D02 SDoC FAQ v01r02 

Authorized Service for Canada:

Canada has requirements for an Authorized Representative for Radio Equipment and Terminal Equipment

Radio Equipment – RSP 100

A Canadian representative is required when the applicant company address is not within Canada. The applicant must provide a signed Applicant-Canadian Representative Agreement and the details of the company representative in Canada shall be clearly identified.

For more information, contact Canadian Certification Consulting, Inc

Canadian Certification Consulting