Engineering, Design, Development, Consulting & Training


Time to market is critical. Get your designs ready for your important builds.

Violette Engineering Corporation provides design and development services for the high technology industry with core expertise in radio frequency, electrical safety, and environmental engineering.

Our Services Include:

  • Authorized Representative Service for Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (sDoC) services
  • Agent for Service of Process
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Design and Consulting
  • High-Speed Digital, Signal Integrity & Power Integrity Design
  • Mechanical and Machinery Design
  • Standards Research and Spectrum Analysis
  • Product Safety Engineering Services
  • Shielding and Radio Frequency Abatement
  • Radio Frequency Hazard Analysis
  • Mechanical Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Failure Analysis & MTBF

Our professionals have worked in complex industrial environments, are experts in regulatory compliance, MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-810 testing and design. We work with a diverse set of clients, including Fortune 50 companies in the Manufacturing, Energy, Defense, Communications, Medical, and Mining.


Engineering Design, Test Plans and Procedures are integral parts of a successful compliance program. VEC can develop and tailor specific Test Plans for your product and program. A detailed Plan considers the end-use of the product as well as the regulatory and specifications required.


Our engineering services include engineering design and analysis for: emissions control, product safety, product performance, RF radiation prediction and antenna-to-antenna coupling.

The design and support should start early in the process and consists of a review of schematic, layout and parts lists and bills of materials. Comprehensive review before layout and manufacturing can save time and cost during compliance testing.

Critical aspects of EMC design include an analysis of critical nets on PCBs, impedance and termination control of high-speed circuits. Power supply, power and ground plane design is crucial for low-noise performance and a high degree of immunity.

We also specialize in electromagnetic (EMI/RFI) design for architectural and engineering projects including shielding design and grounding. We offer technical advice on lightning protection, overvoltage, surge design and analysis as well as perform forensic investigations and failure and root-cause analysis.



Our team has performed thousands of EMC, Safety, Wireless and Environmental tests on a variety of equipment, from Military System to Enterprise Communications and Consumer products.

We supply design and troubleshooting support during testing to quickly turn failures into successes. Specific support includes board and box-level consulting to determine root cause of failure and engineered solutions to achieve compliance. Leveraging decades of years of testing, we can pinpoint solutions to save you time and money in the lab.